Cameron Organic Produce


Looking for delicious fare that is tasty, organic, and healthy? Then you definitely need to try Cameron Organic Produce which is a steamboat restaurant. This is a small restaurant that will enable you to have a lovely atmosphere while dining. All of Cameron Organic Produce’s vegetables are homegrown and organic. Cameron Organic Produce has three menus of very tasty savory fare. The Veggie Steamboat is amazing with lots of bold flavors, fresh vegetables and an amazing offering of mushrooms tofu and fresh eggs and noddles. If you want some added flavor to your already bold dish everyone is amazed by the amazing veggie oyster and chili sauces available to dining guests.

If you are looking for more protein Cameron Organic Produce offers amazing squid chicken, and prawns. With the large portions, amazing prices, and fresh flavors you definitely do no want to miss this restaurant. It is been operating since 1999 and has consistently served the freshest ingredients in Malaysia. In fact, Cameron Organic Produce is so highly regarded that if you are going to go for dinner you need to make sure that you make reservations early on in the day because it gets very packed in the evenings.