FU Guang Vegetarian Restaurant


Looking for an amazing restaurant in Cameron Highlands is not hard, but some definitely stand out above the rest. Fu Guang Vegetarian Restaurant offers amazing fare with wonderful local flavors located in Brinchang, close to the night market. FU Guang Vegetarian Restaurant has amazing vegetarian steamboats that have amazing flavors that comes with an option of clear soup or Tom yam soup which are both delicious and complimentary to the steamboat. The best part of FU Guang Vegetarian Restaurant is the amazing options of flavors and levels of spices. The meals are hearty, healthy, and have the freshest of ingredients.

We recommend trying the amazing fried noodles. The décor of FU Guang Vegetarian Restaurant is very inviting and fun. The restaurant is also very clean and full of vibrant colors. The staff is very professional and give amazing recommendations based on your tastes. Make sure you don’t miss out on the amazing flavors, awesome portions, and healthy food of FU Guang Vegetarian Restaurant. You definitely will love the awesome vegetarian cuisine and won’t find any restaurant like it nearby. Make sure you check out the nearby night market as well, it is definitely full of lots of fun and local shopping.