Hong Kong Restaurant Tanah Rata


If you are looking for an amazing dining experience then you need to try the Hong Kong Restaurant located in the beautiful city of Tanah Rata. This restaurant offers amazing dishes that you cook yourself in a nice hotpot of stock. You can cook amazing thin slices of meat, prawns, fresh mushrooms, vegetables, and noodles. Dip this amazing food in a fresh chili and soy sauce that will really enhance the flavor of the food. The staff is very wonderful and professional. The own Ms. Angie is great at suggesting amazing dishes and making sure that you feel very welcomed.

Ms. Angie give an excellent recommendation of braised tofu, sweet and sour pork, prawns, and amazing locally grown oyster mushrooms. Make sure you try the fried rice, many locals say this restaurant has the best fried rice around. Many of the locals suggest you try the marmite chicken saying that it has the best flavors they have ever tasted. The prices at Home Kong Restaurant are very affordable and you definitely get great portions. You will definitely be satisfied if you give Hong Kong Restaurant a try and don’t forget to say hi to Ms. Angie, she’s definitely the star of the restaurant.