Restaurant Jew May Yen


Restoran Jew May Yen is located along Jalan Besar in Cameron Highlands. It has a very colourful signage which means that you will not miss it as you are walking along the shops here. The popular dishes offered here at Jew May Yen are portrayed in large pictures on top of the main entrance as you walk into the shop. That which makes this restaurant so unique besides its great food is its settings which has a cosy and homely environment to it. Its unique tungsten lighting adds to the flair and the look and feel which makes dining such a pleasurable experience.

If you like Chinese food served in dishes with rice, then you should dine here at Restoran Jew May Yen which is what it is known for. Their Curry Fish Head is their flagship dish and is very popular among locals and visitors. However, only a limited group of customers actually get to enjoy this dish as there are limited fresh fish head available here daily. Due to its popularity, this dish runs out very quickly. The home-cooked Chinese dishes with vegetables and meats are quite well presented while you can try their steamboat if you like which is one of best-loved dining experiences here.