Silverstar Steamboat Restaurant


To have one of the best charcoal steamboat meals in Cameron Highlands, you must visit the Silverstar Restaurant. As the name implies, you get to enjoy various types of steamboat styles where Silverstar offers 3 major types of soup bases namely Tom Yam Soup, Herbal and their Chef Soup, all of which can be taken based on your preference and taste. The spicy steamboat here is among the most popular among tourists from Thailand which is prepared with their home-made chilli sauce. Group bookings for Thailand tourists are available here at Silverstar to accommodate large groups of customers of up to 120 people.

A very popular restaurant among the locals and tourists alike, this is where you get can enjoy a luxurious meal of fresh foods dipped in a hot, boiling pot of soup to overcome the chill here. Silverstar Restaurant is the only place where you get to enjoy a buffet style steamboat of vegetables which are freshly sourced from the local farms here. This includes mushrooms, green and leafy vegetables like cabbage and such, tofu as well as fresh seafood like fish and prawns. Besides that, you get to enjoy mushroom balls, meat balls, sotong balls, the ever popular Foo-Chok and many others.

Apart from charcoal steamboat, you can opt to order chinese dishes to eat with rice. Silverstar’s chefs are known to cook up some very delicious sweet and sour pork, honey chicken, seafood platter, curry fish head and their choices of fried noodles like Hokkien Mee, Wat Dan Hor and Cantonese Fried Noodles.

Located in the heart of Brinchang town, you get to enjoy the weather, great food and an excellent night view of the town centre here. For a different dining experience, you might want to try out their barbecue steamboat but is only available through advanced booking online or call-in as prior preparations would be required.

Contact Info:
Name: Cameron Highlands Steamboat
Address: 10 Brinchang, Jalan Besar Cameron Highlands Pahang
Phone: +60 5-491 1387


Silverstar Restaurant