Ferm Nyonya


If you want to try to most authentic Malaysian food around you definitely need to try the Ferm Nyonya. This is the only restaurant in all of Tanah Rata that serves Nyonya.  This restaurant gives the most amazing fresh ingredients and dishes that you will ever taste. Whether you are looking for a great meal or just to have a smaller meal you going to find something you love. The most recommended far that Ferm Nyonya offers are the Japanese Tofu sizzling style, the yong chow friend rice, the nyonya fried rice, the fish fillet nyonya curry, and the beef rendang. Nyonya is a local cuisine and you won’t find any better nyonya around.

The chef uses delicious spices such as star-anise, nutmeg, lemon grass, and ginger. You can also get halal traditional Nyonya while visiting Ferm Nyonya. If you aren’t a fan of nyonya then you can try the amazing steamboat with an awesome selection of seafood, meat, veggies, and noodles. The staff at Ferm Nyonya are very courteous and professional. Ferm Nyona has a great atmosphere and the restaurant is immaculate. You definitely will not be disappointed with your dining experience after experiencing the amazing flavors and great portions.