Food in Tanah Rata


In Tanah Rata, you will be able to find food easily and very conveniently as they are mostly located around the vicinity of the town centre. Food here is always among its major attractions where you can enjoy different types of cuisine at any time of the day. However, most eateries close around 10.00pm each day. If you are looking for places that operate till late, you can try the pubs or the mamak restaurants which is extremely popular around Malaysia.

One of these places is known as the Suria Halal Restaurant. This is where you will be served the banana leaf rice accompanied with different types of spices and dishes. Suria is known for its wide variety of curries to choose from to eat with rice and choices of vegetables and meats.

Besides that, the Warongs here are very popular. You will be welcomed with a string of Malays stalls that serve local dishes like Nasi Goreng, Mee Goreng, Sup Kambing and the very popular Satay. If you prefer Indian food, check out what is there to offer at Gerai 14.

Not all eateries in Tanah Rata serves local food as you can find a lot of western and oriental cuisine too. The Kougen Japanese Restaurant offers a wide variety of items in their menu ranging from Japanese to western food. It is very popular among the locals as well as tourists who come here.

If you are looking for western food, there are several pubs and cafes where you can try out continental dishes and other exciting items on their menus. You will get to savour salad made from the freshest vegetables sourced locally or have a drink from their extensive F&B list. Otherwise, enjoy a cup of tea of coffee within the cool and pristine weather of Cameron Highlands here.