Cameron aa Curry House


If you love Indian food you will fall in love with Cameron aa Curry House located in the beautiful town of Tanah Rata. With a wonderful staff that is very attentive and meticulously ensure that every part of your dining experience is spectacular you definitely won’t want to miss out on an opportunity to visit Cameron aa Curry House. Try one of the restaurants amazing naan dishes such as the cheese naan, butter naan, or garlic naan. If you are looking for the ultimate flavor experience try the veggie biryani or chicken Marsala.

If you aren’t a fan of Indian flavors then there are other options available such as pizza. The atmosphere of Cameron aa Curry House has an amazing atmosphere that is very inviting with lovely Iranian music playing in the background. If you love Indian food you definitely want to visit. Cameron aa Curry House provides such an amazing dining experience that you want to make sure that you don’t miss it. When you visit make sure that you try the Archari Kebab with the Cardamon tea as it is a favorite among all the locals. As you know, if the locals like it, it has to be good.