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When holidaying in Cameron Highlands, you might come across Fauzi Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant which has a traditional feel and nicely tucked among the hustle and bustle of the other shops here. Situated in the heart of Brinchang town, you can easily find us as we stand out among the rest. For a taste of the most traditional local delicacies here, Fauzi restaurant is the most ideal destination for you.

Fauzi steamboat cameron Highlands

Fauzi steamboat cameron Highlands

Cameron’s Best Seafood Steamboat

So head out to Fauzi Halal Steamboat Restaurant if you are looking for halal food which is authentic, traditional and excellent. We house and serve food for both Muslims and non-Muslims as well as people from all walks of life both local and foreign. We also have tourists and vacationers visiting us everyday so we are very familiar to cater our customers with different tastes and preferences.

fauzi restaurant

Fauzi restaurant Cameron Highlands

Fauzi Tomyam & Charcoal Steamboat ensures that you have a memorable event whenever you call us. Our seafood steamboat, dishes and our food are halal and we are the best experts you can call whether it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary or any events of up to 150 pax where you won’t want to worry about anything. Leave the food to us, and we will take care of everything.

No 1 MBCH, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands, 39100 Pahang Darul Makmur.
Phone: 019-5454547(En Fauzi), 0195032581(Pn Halimah)
Email: admin[at]cameron.com.my Website: http://food.cameron.com.my/malay/fauzi-tomyam-steamboat.html

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Established since 2006, our steamboat restaurant has been offering fresh and delicious seafood steamboat for the locals, tourists and visitors alike. For a good meal which is satisfying and halal, come over to our restaurant today and discover for yourself what an authentic and excellent steamboat meal is. Our ingredient is prepared using our original recipe which is not loaded with excessive flavouring. As steamboat meal providers, we are committed in giving our customers only the best in which we do not overcook the oil we use.

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