Halal Food


Finding Halal food in Cameron Highlands is very easy because of its diverse and multi-cultural background of people. Halal food is specifically catered for Muslims who are staying here and those who are vising Cameron Highlands for a holiday. Whether it is the authentic Malay food or Mamak-style Muslim food, you can spot them easily while you can even enjoy some local favourites like steamboat as well.

Suria Restaurant

– This restaurant is open 24-hours every day and is known to be one of the most popular Halal food outlets in Cameron Highlands. Offering a full range of Halal Indian food, this is the place to go if you are up for some spicy and hot food. Suria Restaurant has a lot of options in its menu and among them is the traditional banana leaf rice. This is where you get to try out several types of spices and side dishes served together with their aromatic rice served on top of a banana leaf each. Besides that, Suria Restaurant’s Chicken Tandoori marinated and made with their own secret recipe and Curry Fish are very popular choices among the locals and visitors too.

Gerai Bunga Melur

– A traditional Malay food outlet, this stall is located in Brinchang town alongside a string of other stalls. It can be easily located although its signage might be a little worn-out. If you like to try out local Malay cuisine like the infamous Sup Ekor and Sup Kambing, then head over to this Warong-style outlet. Besides that, it is quite popular for its other items like Nasi Goreng, Nasi Padprik, Nasi Lemak and the Thai-inspired Nasi Pattaya. The kids will surely like its Fried chicken here which is made using their own traditional home recipe.

Fauzi Tomyam and Steamboat

– Located in the heart of Brinchang town, Fauzi Tomyam and Steamboat is perhaps one of the few Halal steamboat shops around here. It is a very unique place to go where you can easily find this outlet which is strategically sandwiched between 2 Chinese eateries. Its seafood steamboat is very famous among the locals while visitors would usually have read about this prior to coming here. Using flower crabs in their choices, you will surely enjoy its spicy tomyam choices while its soup is known for its aromatic taste which is sweet and simply delicious. If you are not one who likes hot and spicy soupy meals, you can actually order dishes to be taken with rice.