Seafood in Cameron Highlands


One of the very unique eateries you will find in Cameron Highlands is seafood restaurants. In fact, you can find a seafood restaurant at almost every commercial shoplots in Brinchang and around Tanah Rata. As you walk into any Chinese restaurant, you can order fish, prawns, crabs and every other possible choices cooked in their own traditional and home recipes respectively.

It has to be noted however that naturally, Cameron Highlands is more known for its fresh produce of vegetables and fruits due to its cold weather. As it is not a coastal town, fish and prawns are ‘brought in’ from the nearest towns down the hill. As such, they are mostly averagely fresh although they are placed in aquariums before they are cooked.

Most Chinese restaurants here serve seafood with a wide variety of choices in terms of cooking style and such. Crabs are not the most popular dishes here while you will get the usual dishes like steam fish, fried prawns and others.

Besides Chinese restaurants, you can find a lot of seafood choices at steamboat places as well in which there are prawns, fish, meat and other fresh produce that can be dipped into the hot pot of soup.