Jim Thompson’s Tea Room


The atmosphere of Jim Thompson’s Tea Room located in between Brichang and Tanah Rata, is amazing and very inviting. The tea rooms are very nicely furnished and relaxing. Previously the building was an old boarding school, now it is a beautiful hotel and restaurant. This is a great restaurant to go to for amazing afternoon tea and scones. You can either sit in the beautiful tea room or eat out in the garden that is immaculate and decorated with beautiful flowers. The style is British and very beautiful. The restaurant is very beautiful and has a romantic atmosphere. Enjoy sitting at your table while looking outdoor at the beautiful koi pond.

The food within the restaurant is wonderful with a fusion of Indian flavors. The staff at Jim Thompson’s Tea Room are amazing and very professional. If you are looking for an amazing scone try the homemade strawberry jam and cream that made fresh and tastes amazing. Accompany your scones with amazing Cameron Tea that is absolutely stunning. If you aren’t into scones then try out their amazing selection of sandwiches such as tuna, smoked salmon, egg, cress, cream cheese, and cucumber. This is definitely not a dining experience that you want to miss.