If you are every visiting the beautiful town of Tanah Rata you definitely want to visit Rosendal. This is a restaurant that is friendly, has great prices, and delivers great food quickly. The flavors that Rosendale offers are very refreshing and fresh. Rosendal is one of the favorite spots that tourists flock to for a good selection of local and western food. If you are looking for an amazing meal this is definitely the place to go. Many locals recommend the chicken chop saying that it tastes amazing and has a unique flavor. The pineapple friend rice is served in a pineapple and tastes amazing.

The ginger beef rice, the stir fired chicken with cashews with steamed rice the beef noodle soup are all on the menu and have really amazing, fresh flavors. The staff of Rosendale and very friendly and very attentive. You will definitely love the vibrant atmosphere of Rosendale as it is very inviting.  The restaurant is very clean. The dishes are elegantly served as well. With all the amazing fare offered and the amazing prices you will definitely want to visit Rosendale again. Definitely try the Chinese Steamboat that all the locals recommend. You will receive a gas cooker with a big bowl of water and vegetables along with various plates of raw, fresh ingredient. Definitely the ultimate dining experience.