Smokehouse Restaurant


The Smokehouse Restaurant is located in Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. It is part of the Smokehouse Hotel which provides a complete English setting for food and lodging.

This place serves some of the best Western cuisine within its exquisitely decorated premises. For a different dining experience in a cosy and British-style environment, head on towards Smokehouse Restaurant where you get to enjoy the cool weather of Cameron Highlands while sipping in some of the best teas around.

At Smokehouse Restaurant, great food is only one of the highlights here because you will be enjoying the breath-taking sceneries of the surroundings that Cameron Highlands is so known for. Built in 1939, the hotel and restaurant here was designed to exude the English Tudor style and has been one of the most popular places to dine and stay ever since.

Here is where you can sit around its lazy vicinity and enjoy the best of what a perfect vacation should be because of how the place is designed and maintained. Take some time off to enjoy the English tea with an impressive spread of pastries available while enjoying the pristine wind of the highlands. Take some toast with freshly-produced strawberry jam or honey.

Otherwise, just indulge in the classy and luxurious lifestyle of western dining by trying out some of their flagship items on the menu like the Chicken A La King and the Devilled Chicken which are popular choices here, all within an old, English dining style by the fireplace reminiscent of the medieval times.